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by Roland Schimmelpfennig

Translated by Melanie Dreyer 

Rorschach Theatre 2006

“A slick 60-minute thriller with a chip on its urbane shoulder and a whiff of the supernatural in its nostrils.” — The Washington City Paper

“A feverish, existential bedtime story of sorts… All in all, the dreamy, smoldering Arabian Night is worth every sweltering moment.” –

“I think its become clear that Rorschach, operating out of a restrictive church space, has out of necessity and boundless inventiveness, come up with an identity and style. There’s nothing quite like it in the Washington theatre world. It may not always be everyone’s cup of tea like say the crowd-pleasing “The Beard of Avon” was, but it’s always a strong, rich cup of tea.” – The Downtowner/Georgetowner

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