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A Psychogeographies Project

Created by Jenny McConnell Frederick, Randy Baker, Kylos Brannon,
Roc Lee, Tosin Olufolabi, Doug Robinson, Debra Kim Sivigny and Jonelle Walker 



"A scrappy D.C. theater company with an edgy modern aesthetic, Rorschach Theatre doesn’t ordinarily recruit, as set designer, the Gilded Age sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens. But Rock Creek Cemetery’s famous Adams Memorial — with its shrouded figure by Saint-Gaudens — is one of the backdrops to Rorschach’s latest production, “Distance Frequencies.” --Washington Post


"The entire experience was beautiful, honestly. The performances were genuine. The story was uniquely interesting and exciting. And every detail of the production seemed thought out to the finest point and executed with love." --DC Metro Theater Arts


"Distance Frequencies: Transmission is a thought-provoking piece of art. Celebrating love, adversity, and the struggle that comes with it. Full of mystery, passion, heartache, and hope, the show brings their original story to life and enchants with the magical idea of the transom that can make our utopian imaginings real." --DC Metro Theatre Arts


"Best Theatre Pivot" --Washingtonian Magazine


"Thank you for this slice of light!" --Rorschach Subscriber


"All beautiful and interesting locations in and of themselves, but add the unraveling of a complex and haunting tale and the journey is imbued with a bit of magic." --DC Metro Theatre Arts


"We are having the time of our life/pandemic on this adventure so thank you!" --Rorschach Subscriber


"We are having the time of our life on this adventure." --Rorschach Subscriber


"Really impressed by your construction of such an imaginative approach to storytelling." --Rorschach Subscriber


"No seated theatrical production I see or make will ever live up to this experience." --Rorschach Subscriber

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