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by Tony Kushner

Adapted from Pierre Cornielle

Rorschach Theatre, 2001

“It’s not hard to find talent among the more than 80 theater companies in Washington. But brilliance — that rare confluence of perfect design, direction and performance — that’s something else again… Rorschach Theatre achieves it with The Illusion...It’s sharp and sexy, brilliantly played by a strong ensemble cast, smartly directed and crafty in its design — and all the more exciting because it is not performed in a theater." --Washington Post

Artistic Directors Randy Baker and Jenny McConnell have dedicated Rorschach to performing in “found” space — striving for an “uncommon use” of environment to create new worlds. The Illusion is an inspired work — proof that limited resources do not stymie great talents, any more than big budgets can squeeze works of genius from mediocre minds.” –Washington Post

“If, a few blocks from the Mount Vernon Square Metro stop, you see some disoriented folk, maybe a little dressed-up, wandering into Blagden Alley, just strides away from the vacant lot with the discarded mattresses, perhaps you can guide them to the cave of Alcandre the magician. Alcandre conjured the cave out of the Signal 66 gallery, a livery-stable-turned-warehouse-turned-art-space.” – Washington City Paper

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