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by Iris Dauterman

Rorschach Theatre 2018

**Helen Hayes Awards Recommended**

"SING TO ME NOW reaches into your guts and invisibly rearranges things with a gentle hand. You leave the performance feeling better connected to humanity, with a few tears sparkling in your eyes.” —Washington City Paper


“Jenny McConnell Frederick directs with a deft, comedic touch. In the pantheon of gods, like with mere mortals, life isn’t all-powerful, and she captures those inevitable “oops” moments in all their glorious ridiculousness." --Maryland Theater Guide


“Rorschach Theatre plumbs deep with its rich, dark fantasies and dives headfirst into myth… a fresh, sober story with just a touch of adventure… Dauterman fruitfully mashes up humanity and divinity in this offbeat quest.” — Washington Post

"McConnell Frederick does an excellent job of using every inch of the small space and filling it with action in a way that feels purposeful and natural. Under her deft direction, the performances are rooted in realistic, relatable emotion, despite the fact that most of her actors are playing supernatural beings. In combination with the nuanced writing, she helps to bring mythic events down to a human scale in the best way possible." --DC Theatre Scene


“SING TO ME NOW is a beautiful distraction that exemplifies emotional wounds we can all relate to but with a new story that masks the links to reality in a world of mythology and legend, allowing the audience to forget the outside world and simply feel. A nearly impossible state to achieve, and a magical place to be." — DC Metro Theatre Arts

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