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by Abi Basch

Rorschach Theatre 2011

Helen Hayes Award Nominated for Outstanding Sound and Set Designs

"Director Jenny McConnell Frederick effectively uses visuals and sound to make the audience feel as trapped and claustrophobic as play’s characters do — rain slips through the rafters, spirits creep around corners unexpectedly, and there’s a real sense of danger to the production.” –DCist

"Jenny McConnell Frederick’s wonderfully moody production, which envelops the audience in classic haunted-house style." – Washington Post

“In full Rorschach mode, the production immerses the audience into the setting to feel you’re actually in an old stuffy attic filled to the brim with treasures from long ago. The water seems at the door, literally, thanks to...the look and sound of buckets of rain and tantalizing shadows of the spirits, all under the watchful eye of director Jenny McConnell Frederick who does wonders with the intimate attic-like space and brings an immediacy to all the characters.” – DC Theatre Scene

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